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Career Horizons Summer Program

6th-grade students broaden their college and career options, enhance their academic and STEM skills, increase awareness of their strengths, and develop positive peer relationships.

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Explore Careers

Students will explore career possibilities by engaging in career development activities and broadening their knowledge of careers in math, science, and technology.
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Students will enhance their understand of self through identify strengths through self-awareness activities and learn effective decision-making strategies.
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Increase Potential

Students will increase their potential for academic and occupational success through learning about careers in math, science, and computer technology. Additionally, they will explore a college campus and learn about future educational opportunities.
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Peer Network

Students will develop a positive peer network through participation in recreational activities and joining in team development exercises

Frequently Asked Questions

These programs are offered free of charge to a select number of students from the Kansas City Kansas Public Middle Schools in Wyandotte County who have been identified by teachers, counselors, and Talent Search staff as having potential for academic, vocational, and personal success.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and transportation from designated schools will be provided at no charge.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved in the program by assisting students with daily challenges and attending a campus visit and celebratory luncheon on the last day of the program.

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‚Äč"I still remember my mentor and how she made me feel like anything was possible as long as I put in the effort. Career Horizons made me believe that college was a possibility and not just a dream."

Career Horizons Participant